Tapioca Residue Powder

Tapioca  residue is a by-product of processing cassava starch from cassava tubers. Cassava residue contains more starch (about 60%) but poor in protein.

Mesh size : 0.8 – 1.5mm or 1.5 – 5mm
Moisture : 14%
Impurity : 1% max
Starch content : 65% min
Pulp : 0.2 ml max
Packing : in PE/PP bag of 50kgs
  1x 20FCL =  17-18tons
Therefore, when using cassava residue, we should blend and add urea or soybean residue.
Tapioca  residue can be stored for a long time due to a starch in Tapioca residue fermented and made pH = 4-5. Fresh cassava residue with a slightly sour taste, ruminants like eating. Per day for each cow can eat about 10-15 kg of fresh Tapioca residue. It can be also dried, desiccated as raw material blending feed.

Development of technology can make more and more usages of  Tapioca residue in the future. It is the reason why production of  Tapioca residue is increasing, specially in Vietnam – one of leader markets producing it.